Keeping stitching looking good

By sarahcrazymag, Thu, 2010-07-22 15:16

1. Always stitch with clean hands - any grease on your fingers will be transferred to your fabric

2. Keep family pets away from you while you are stitching

3. Store your threads carefully in an organiser box or other system so they don't become dirty or snagged

4. Bind your fabric with thin ribbon or tape to prevent it from being damaged or marked by the hoop

5. Take your work out of the hoop between stitching sessions to avoid marking

6. Take your needle out of the fabric when you’re not stitching in case it rusts and leaves a mark

7. Store your work in a dust-free place. Try rolling it up in a clean white cloth before putting it in your workbox or drawer

8. Resist the temptation to snack while you are stitching. You should be too busy stitching!

9. Use a hoop that is large enough for your design. Then you won’t squash your stitches when you move the hoop around

10. Don’t leave your stitching lying around in case the children decide to ‘have a go’ themselves or the cat curls up on it

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