Kids holiday stitching

By Charlie Lyon, Thu, 2010-07-22 15:16

1. Choose a low HPI fabric, like an 11- or 14-count fabric, for their first project. They'll be able to see the holes clearly and their stitching will grow fairly quickly.

2. Make a thread organiser out of a piece of card with holes punched in it, to keep the threads nice and tidy.

3. Choose a design with just a few colours, so that time is spent stitching rather than unthreading and rethreading the needle.

4. Start off with good habits - make sure they work the first half of each cross stitch in the same direction for neat stitching.

5. Keep stitching sessions short - children easily get bored, and if they've enjoyed it, they'll soon be back from more.
6. Use a hoop to keep the tension of the fabric right.

7. Choose brightly coloured fabrics and bold designs to make the stitching interesting.

8. Let your child choose their own design from a variety you have cut out from different magazines - they'll enjoy stitching something they want to rather than something they have been told to stitch.

9. Try using other materials such as plastic canvas and perforated paper - both of these can be trimmed to size and are easy for small hands to hold whilst they stitch.

10. Have a look at some of the great kits that are available for children.

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