Making stitched gifts for kids

By Charlie Lyon, Thu, 2010-07-22 15:17
1. If you want to stitch motifs onto clothing, make sure you use good quality threads that will stand up to frequent washing.

2. However much you like to stitch, think carefully about whether your efforts will be appreciated by your children. If not, spend time creating something for someone who will appreciate your handiwork.

3. If you are stitching something that is 'in' at the moment, make sure it won't be 'out' by the time you've finished stitching it!

4. If you are stitching items for babies or toddlers, double check for pins and needles before handing the item over.

5. Cheap high street stores usually stock lots of inexpensive funky frames, which are fabulous for framing designs for fashion conscious teenagers.

6. Get your kids to sit and stitch with you - buy them their own starter kit.

7. Stitching for boys can be difficult, so think of something they would really appreciate - like the crest of their favourite football team - and they'll think you're brilliant!

8. Make sure you choose the accessories carefully. Kids probably won't appreciate an initialed handkerchief, so give them a personalised pencil case or a room plaque instead.

9. Celebrate the milestones in your childrens' lives by stitching. Stitch cards to show you're pleased when they pass a music exam, get a swimming badge or, as they get older, pass their driving test, or graduate from university!

10. Kids love seeing their name on things, so a simple initial on a cap or t-shirt will always be a winner.

Use Post-it notes as chart markers. The adhesive strip makes them good for marking off areas, as well as acting as a row-by-row guide.

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