Members for your stitch club

By Charlie Lyon, Thu, 2010-07-22 15:15
1. Make posters, it's quite easy these days just on a home computer. Put these up in your local library, post office, community centre etc to advertise your meetings.

2. Print off some flyers to pop through letterboxes in the neighbourhood or hand out at the school gates to new mums.

3. Try to include more than one organiser's contact telephone number and details so anyone interested doesn't get 'put off' when they can't contact you.

4. If you're using someone's home for your meetings, avoid including the address for safety reasons but include telephone numbers or an email address so new members can contact you.

5. Tell us, Cross Stitch Crazy and The World of Cross Stitching about your club, and we'll publish the details in our local clubs listing on our website and in the magazines.

6. Try to appeal to stitchers of all abilities and make sure those who are just beginners feel welcome then they will have lots of fun and tell all their friends.

7. Promote the fact that you pay a small sub to help pay for overheads such as refreshments. New members will expect this and be keen if leftover money is used to buy interesting threads and fabrics for the members to experiment with.

8. Make an events list to excite and tempt new members. Organise days out to stitching shows - they're great fun as everyone gets to know each other better and picks up some bargains at the same time.

9. Look at inviting guest speakers to come and share their stitching experiences with your group and promote these events with dates on your flyers.

10. Try and get the support of a local needlecraft shop. Ask them about promoting your club, a discount scheme for your stitch club members and an evening for demonstrations will bring them flooding in.
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