Organise your stitching

By Charlie Lyon, Thu, 2010-07-22 15:18

1. File your magazines - buy a binder so that you can keep each issue neat and within easy reach. Go to our back issues & binders page and send for one today.

2. Be super-organised and use a ring binder file to keep a track of those must-stitch designs when you've cut them out of a magazine.

3. Use colourful section dividers to separate out the different design themes in your file.

4. Stitch yourself a pretty needlecase, so you'll always be able to find that small, but very essential, piece of your stitching kit.

5. Store your threads neat and tidily in a workbox, or wind them onto bobbins and keep in a plastic storage case.

6. Jot down details of designs and kits you like and keep them handy - that way, when friends or relative ask what you want for your birthday you can be very specific!

7. Make a list of all the occasions during the year that you definitely want to stitch for, so that you don't miss any.

8. Store fabric in large see-through plastic boxes available from DIY stores, or roll it up inside long cardboard tubes.

9. Items like beads and charms can easily get lost, so use dedicated compartmentalised storage boxes (widely available in craft stores) to keep them all in one place.

10. Try and stick to stitching just one project at a time - if you can't quite manage this (!) then keep each separate project in a clear zip-up wallet, so your stitching time can be spent doing just that, rather than rummaging in a cupboard for that design you haven't worked on for six months!

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